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    With so many options online, how do you find the shoe that is right for you?

    How to buy your best footwear online?

    It has been said since ancient times that the foot is the second heart of man and shoes protect it. The beauty and color of the shoes usually attract the attention of customers, But we must also consider the points for the health of our feet because the source of many back pain is due to improper choice of shoes. What, where, and how to wear will help you to maintain your health and, of course, to have a stylish style. To achieve this art, in this article from Radiomda with the subject of the shoe buying guide, we want to help you buy any type of shoe.



    The best time to buy shoes

    The number of people with foot problems is increasing these days; You ask why? Because we do not choose the right shoes! Standard shoes are designed in such a way that the way we walk does not deviate from the normal and normal state as much as possible. Many shoes or boots are very expensive so people go for the cheaper options, but that's, not the right way. Today you have alternatives to any major shoe/boots brands: alternatives to doc martens or cheaper options to ugg, or to timberalnd. All in a click of a button. Proper size and size of shoes are very important because if your shoes are tight or loose, it will upset your style and cause foot discomfort. The best time to buy shoes is at the end of the day and in the evening; Because at the end of the day, the foot reaches its largest size; For this reason, to buy a suitable shoe, it is better not to choose the early morning hours.

    The right time to buy shoes


    Shoes are the most important piece of clothing that is bought every year. But if the shoe is not suitable for the foot, after a while of walking with it, the heel, ankle, or ankle of the foot becomes painful and damaged. Choosing the right shoes can prevent all of this from happening. A standard shoe has three distinct characteristics:


    1. Standard shoes consists of good materials that make them durable and long-lasting
    2. The size of the heel is very important; as it defines comfort
    3. Shoes should have to cushion to feel more comfortable

    Features suitable shoes


    Because over time, one leg becomes larger or smaller than the other; The best way is to visit in person and put on both pairs of shoes. But sometimes this is not possible for various reasons, including buying the right shoes online. Due to the different sizes of shoes in different brands, it is recommended that you first find the standard size of your foot with the online shoe buying guide in this article. To do this, place your foot on a flat surface such as paper and mark the heel and tip of the thumb vertically and precisely. Measure the length of your foot from the heel to the tip of the thumb. Now put the obtained number in the table below and find your size. If the size of your foot does not exactly match the numbers in the table and we are between two numbers, choose the larger number as the size of your foot. In our country, the criterion for finding the size of shoes is the European size.


    Internet shoe sizing


    In general, all over the world, shoes are sized according to the country of production, in three formats, which have differences that should be considered when buying shoes online. In this section, for a better way for you to buy shoes online, we have prepared tables that you can see below:

    • English shoe size (UK)
    • American shoe size (US)
    • European shoe size (EU)

    Guide to buying sneakers and walking

    It is better to pay attention to the following points before buying shoes online:

    Walking shoes should be light so that you feel comfortable and light when running or walking in them, usually the weight of standard walking shoes is between 200 and 400 grams.

    During exercise and activity, the perspiration of the body and legs increases, shoes should be able to breathe and air should circulate in them.
    Flexibility is another characteristic of sneakers. The sole of the shoe should fit snugly, otherwise, it will cause pain in the Achilles tendon or the muscles in the back of the leg.

    The sole of the walking shoe should have arches in the middle of the shoe, to better transfer the pressure from the blows to the foot.
    Walking shoes are generally short so that the heel can move more, and the toe of these shoes should be slightly wider than regular shoes to avoid pressure on the toes.

    The sole of sports shoes is better than linen fibers because it helps to move the air and prevents fungal diseases in the foot area.
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    Guide to buying women's shoes

    Wearing women's shoes with high heels increases the confidence of women and gives a good beauty to your style. Some women impose any pain on their feet to be stylish, but in principle, nothing is more important than health. Given the diversity of the world of women's ballroom shoes, we will suffice to say the most important point here; When it comes to choosing high-heeled women's shoes, your priority should be foot comfort, this should be taken seriously; Because in the long run, you will realize what heel shoes can do to your spine and feet.

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    Most people pay attention to the beauty and color and design of shoes, not to its standard factors, and this causes long-term annoyance in them. We hope that the culture of wearing shoes and information in this field will be so great that we will get to the point where we like and buy standard shoes. Ensure the health of your feet by following a few key points when choosing shoes and reading this shoe buying guide:

    1- Buy shoes that match the natural shape of your feet.

    2- The feet naturally swell slightly in the last hours of the day, so the best time to measure shoes is in the evening and after sunset.

    3- Do not use the size inserted on the shoe as a criterion. Because they are not reliable, use the right shoe buying guide.

    4- Buying tight shoes in the hope that they will open up after a while is a sheer mistake. Never buy tight shoes.

    5- The sole of the shoe should be strong and flexible and should have a ribbed surface. The shoes themselves should be light.

    6- Avoid wearing high heels for a long time. High-heeled shoes cause slipping and falling, back and leg pain, and changes in foot shape. Try not to make the heel of your shoe higher than 4 cm. Wider heels are also more suitable than pointed and narrow heels.

    7- When testing the shoes, pay attention that the heels of your feet should not slip inside the shoes.

    8- The size of your legs changes with age, weight change, or during pregnancy. So do not rely on the size of your old feet when buying new shoes.

    9- In most people, the size of one of their legs is different from the other. So when choosing shoes, use a larger foot.

    10. A shoe is the size of a shoe that stands at least one centimeter between the tip of the largest toe (usually the big toe) and the end of the shoe when you are standing, and you can move your toes freely. Also pay attention to the arch of the foot, which according to the shape should fit the arch of the shoe.

    11- To test the shoes, be sure to close the shoelaces completely and then stand and walk a few steps to make sure the size of the shoe body.

    12- Avoid buying narrow-toed shoes as much as possible. This is because such shoes put pressure on the toes and deform them.

    13. Flat shoes, stilettos, or short heels are both more comfortable and safer.

    14. When choosing shoes, pay attention to the type of socks you are used to wearing. And when you buy a spear, wear the same socks.

    15. Complications of wearing tight shoes include calluses, corns, joint pain, pain in the knees and heels, and premature fatigue.

    16. Wearing loose shoes also causes the feet to blister and the person does not have enough balance when walking.

    17- Buy from stores where the variety of shoes is high so that you do not have a limited selection.

    18. Do not be influenced by the words of the seller, they persuade you to buy any tight and inappropriate shoes. But you patiently choose comfortable shoes and the size of your feet.

    19. Leather is the best shoe sole because it breathes like leather and is ventilated.

    20. Buy a shoe that you can change its size slightly, ie shoes with laces or buckles.

    21. The lining and cover inside the shoe should be soft, without seams and any protrusions.

    22. You will be able to get the size of your shoes according to the formula below. First, you need to measure the length of your foot (from the tip of the longest toe (usually the big toe) to the back of the heel):

    Shoe size = ‌ [foot length (cm) +2 cm ‍] * 1. 5

    This formula determines the size of European shoes that are in harmony with the size of our country's shoes.
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